Micro-DICE has an annual budget of about 20,000 € to fund short visits (up to 15 days) and exchange visits (15 days to 3 months). These travel grants are aimed in particular at young scientists, to allow them to visit other institutions for analyses, experiments or other activities in line with the aims of Micro-DICE, namely to advance our knowledge of the dynamic behaviour of ice, based on the philosophy that:

  • The predictive value of small- and large-scale models of ice behaviour under changing conditions relies on a correct description of ice properties and their evolution.
  • Grain-scale processes (microstructure) strongly influence the properties of ice, and hence, better understanding of dynamic grain-scale processes in ice is needed

Applicants may be either at the pre or post-doctoral level and must:

  • apply to stay in a country other than the country of origin
  • return to the institution of origin upon terminaton, so that the applicant’s institution may benefit from the broadened knowledge of the scientist.

Applications for short visits can be submitted online.
The application should include:

  • A description of the intended work and how it fits into the aims of Micro-DICE (maximum 2 pages)
  • A CV of the applicant (maximum 2 pages)

Application for exchange visits can be submitted online.
The application should include:

  • Title and description of the intended project (work plan), scientific motivation and justification with particular reference to the aims of Micro-DICE and the benefits to the programme (maximum 4 pages)
  • A letter of recommendation from someone familiar with the applicant’s work
  • A letter of acceptance from the host at the receiving institute
  • A CV of the applicant (maximum 2 pages), including the 5 most relevant recent publications.

Please note that applications can only be submitted via the ESF homepage (links given above) and that the above information should be uploaded in a single .PDF or .DOC document that does not exceed 5 Mbyte.

All applications must also comply with any guidelines of the ESF (Appendix F, page 18), such as:

  • The proposed host institution must be in a European country different from the applicant’s home institution
  • The applicant must intend to return to his/her home institution after completion of the visit
  • The proposal must be submitted before the deadline.

More information?
More information on the Micro-DICE short/ exchange visits can be found here.

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