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ERA-NET CORNET launched its 28th call for proposals. Deadline for submission of project proposals is 25 September 2019 (12pm). CORNET combines existing funding programmes from participating countries/regions to fund collective research projects focused on increasing the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Participation in a CORNET project allows SMEs, SME associations or groups and research organisations to build an international network and benefit from know-how and resources that might not be available in their country or region.

CORNET projects must:

  • serve the need of a wide grouping of companies, mostly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • ensure that the results of research are spread throughout the target grouping of companies by suitable measures (Knowledge transfer must be an integral part of a CORNET project)
  • be pre-competitive meaning research and development in which there is collaboration but no competition
  • show that by performing the research on an international scale significant added value is generated


In CORNET at least two countries/regions (not only two regions of the same country), that have a funding organisation participating in the CORNET call, can submit a joint proposal requiring three entities per applicant:
  • An SME ASSOCIATION, ORGANISATION or GROUP that submits and coordinates the project
  • A RESEARCH ORGANISATION (RTO) that is (sub-)contracted to perform the research activities
  • An SME USER COMMITTEE (SME UC) consisting of at least 5 SMEs per country, which guides the research, ensures the precompetitive character and benefits from the results.

The structure per country/region can vary according to national/regional rules. 

There is no thematic focus in the CORNET call for proposals. Consortia from all industrial sectors are invited to submit proposals, dealing with any technology. However, some participating funding organisations might be interested to specifically support projects building in selected technical areas.


Deadline for submission of project proposals is 25 September 2019 (12pm).

An essential feature of CORNET is that funding is allocated according to the rules of the involved national/regional programmes.  In Flanders participation in CORNET is possible via:

The application process consists of two parallel steps:

1) Submission at CORNET level
2) Submission on national/regional level

Proposals at CORNET level need to be submitted by the coordinating association via the CORNET submission tool. In parallel, all partners have to send a national/regional application form to their own national/regional funding organisation, using the local template and referring to the CORNET project proposal. More information on the template that needs to be used for the submission to VLAIO can be found on the VLAIO website. Proposals at VLAIO level need to be submitted via the online submission tool.

More information?
More information on the CORNET call for proposals can be found on the CORNET website and on the VLAIO website.

Find a project partner
On the CORNET website you can find various possibilities to support you in your search for partners. You can:
- check existing project ideas and organisation profiles
- publish your own project idea or organisation profile
- find information on partnering events
- find contact information to get individual support for your partner search

Save the date: Call 29 & partnering event Namur 27 November 2019
If you need more time for your proposal or to find suitable project partners, you can also participate in the next call. This call will open mid December 2019 with deadline on 25 March 2020.
To prepare for the next call you can attend the partnering event that will take place on 27 November 2019 in Namur. 

Representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research associations and research institutes are invited to learn about their funding options and to exchange ideas with other participants regarding joint international research projects. This exchange on a personal level helps finding the right partners and necessary international know-how to implement CORNET or IraSME projects in the near future. Participants will have the opportunity to attend “Elevator Pitch Sessions” as well as face-to-face meetings that can be scheduled in advance once the registration tool has opened.

As soon as the registration tool is open, it will be communicated on The event is free of cost.

Support for applicants by Research Coordination Office
Please contact the Research Coordination Office as soon as possible if you intend to submit an application. 

The Research Coordination office:

  • Helps with process-related questions (e.g. questions about the application template, submission procedure etc.)
  • Acts as an intermediary between the researchers and VLAIO
  • Acts as an intermediary when internal (TTO, PER, FIN) or external consultation is necessary
  • Helps with preparing the project budget
  • Checks the final project budget
  • Helps with administrative formalities relating to Hasselt University
  • Has the mandate to finalize the online submission of the VLAIO application for Hasselt University


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