Funding organisation:FWO Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksgemeenschap

Recently a new joint transnational call for research projects was opened in the framework of the RUS.Plus network.
This broad call encompasses multiple thematics, for which the following (sub)topics were identified:

   1.1 Advanced nano-sensors for environment and health
   1.2 Novel functional nanomaterials based on design and modeling

   2.1 Regenerative medicine, biomaterials and Organ-on -a chip-systems
   2.2 Drug discovery for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases

   Social Sciences and Humanities:
   3.1 Demography, migration, conflicts and security issues
   3.2 Opportunities for and challenges to regional development and social cohesion

   Geen subtopics; ‘bottom-up’

FWO participates with its ‘research projects’ funding channel, for which the relevant regulation is applicable.
FWO supports 4 projects in total, across all domains, for a 3 years duration, with an available maximum applicable budget of 200.000 EUR per project/consortium.

Proposals should be submitted at the RUS.Plus call secretariat by transnational consortia, with a mandatory Russian participation. No separate national project submission is required for the FWO. 
The proposal submission deadline (one-step procedure) is on 31 January 2020 at 15.00 CET

ERA-NET participation does not interfere with the FWO ‘regular’ project submission framework, and is consequently not taken into account for calculating the max. available number of new applications and running FWO projects combined.
However, researchers can only participate in 2 different transnational consortia/projects within this RUS.Plus call, and it should imply a different project (no double funding).

More information?
Call information can be consulted on the RUS.Plus-website, together with the ‘national’ FWO guidelines, which are of importance for the eligibility of the Flemish applicants.

Researchers are strongly encouraged to contact the FWO before submission, in view of the eligibility criteria, and in order to avoid the ineligibility of a researcher, and potentially the project consortium as a whole:
Toon Monbaliu, +32 2 550 15 70,


Contact Hasselt University?
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